Adjustment Of Rotary Tiller

- Jul 10, 2017 -

  Adjustment of Rotary Tiller

  ★. Adjustment of the limit lever of rotary tiller

  The limit lever mainly restricts the transverse swing of the lower lever.

  The locking pin is inserted into the limit casing long hole, which can make the limit lever have a certain moving amount; when the locking pin is inserted in the front hole of the limit casing, the limit lever can be fixed. The length of the limit lever can be adjusted by rotating the limit sleeve with thread. The back round hole is to adjust the limit lever length, place the lock pin Jack. (with rotary tiller, mower no movement, plow, Target 3-5mm)

  ★. Adjustment of the hoisting rod of rotary tiller

  Adjusting the hoisting lever is mainly to adjust the horizontal position of the farm implements.

  In general, the length of the lifting rod should be adjusted to the middle length. The adjustment of the left and right lifting rods can be carried out by rotating the middle lifting rod catheter. Rotate clockwise, lifting rod elongation;

  Lower Lever connection

  The lower lever has 2 connecting holes, the front hole is connected with the upper pull rod, the rear hole and the limit lever.

  ★. Adjustment of the levers on the rotary tiller

  The length of the upper lever is used to adjust the vertical horizontal position of the farm implements and the consistency of plough depth.

  Adjust the tractor hanging mechanism on the lever, adjust the height of rotary tiller, Rotary tillage operation Universal Joint angle is not greater than 10 degrees, the corner is not greater than 30 degrees, field operations, the position adjustment handle upper limit position, limiting the highest elevation of the rotary tiller, in order to avoid accidents.

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