Adjust The Rotary Tiller

- Jun 13, 2017 -

  Adjust the rotary tiller

  Adjust the lift lever is mainly to adjust the horizontal horizontal position of the farm tools.

  Under normal circumstances, the length of the lifting rod should be adjusted in the middle length. The adjustment of the left and right lifting rods can be done by turning the intermediate lift rod conduit. Turn clockwise to lift the shaft to elongation; otherwise it is shortened.

  Tie rod connection

  There are two connecting holes on the lower rod, the front hole is connected with the upper rod, and the rear hole is connected with the limit rod

  Adjustment of the upper rod of the rotary tiller

  The length of the upper rod is used to adjust the horizontal position of the farmer, and the consistency of the plowing is adjusted before and after.

  Adjust the tension of the tractor suspension mechanism to adjust the height of the rotary tiller, rotary tillage universal joint angle is not allowed to be greater than 10 degrees, the ground turn is not allowed to be greater than 30 degrees, field operations, the position adjustment handle on the limit, limit rotary tillage Machine to enhance the location, so as to avoid accidents.

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