What is the dedicated tiller?

- Dec 31, 2016 -

Through the early introduction, our Rotary tiller should have a fairly comprehensive understanding. Recently some friends to raise a question: what is the dedicated tiller?
Dedicated machinery and we usually talk about Rotary tiller and see there are some differences, these differences are mainly on the working principle. Special-purpose rotary tiller is designed specifically for greenhouse operations, it deals with Studio interior space, more obstacles and corners cannot be attributed to problems with light weight, small size, simple operation and convenient features, and does not emit toxic gases. Rotary machine for specific to the design principles, including the following two points.
Output, powered by motors, through the belt drive to the gearbox, slowing after a chain drive to the Rotary tiller shaft, this changes the transmission speed of the pulley, in the middle of adding an drag shovel, it can effect reduces the worker's physical, is the most user-friendly design.
Second, the power output of the engines, through pulleys drive to the gearbox input shaft, and then go to the spindle, drive sprockets, gear and pulley is made of. The major parts of the job is to rotate the blade, it can by cutting down on the soil, and thrown to the rear, thus loosening the soil tillage effect.

  • Heavy Duty 96hp, 97hp, 98hp, 99hp,100 Hp Rotary Tiller ,tractor Rotovator
  • Heavy Duty 83hp,84hp,85 Hp 60 Blades Rotary Tiller ,otovator
  • 69hp,70hp,71 Hp Agricultural Soil Tillage Pto Driven Rotary Tiller Cultivator
  • Medium Duty 57hp,58hp,59 Hp ,3 Point Rotary Tiller , Rototiller
  • Medium Type 3-point 42hp ,43hp, 44 Hp , 36 Blades Rotary Tiller
  • Light Merry 30hp,31hp,32 Hp ,28 Blades Tractor Mounted Rotary Tiller

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