Used rototiller needs to pay attention to several issues

- Dec 31, 2016 -

Rotary tiller as a modern farming tools can be used in conjunction with tractors and improve farming efficiency, then we will look at in the Rotary cultivator problems which. Began using Shi to first upgrade spin tillage machine, combined power output axis makes its reached rated speed Hou in declined spin tillage machine, makes blade insert soil in the, some people in using spin tillage machine Shi directly declined spin tillage machine is blade insert soil in the, this practices is not right of, this will makes blade bent even broken, March in the of speed don't too fast, to Yu will clods tillage broken, also can reduce parts of wear, in farm turn Shi, to lift up spin tillage machine makes blade left ground, certainly angle also without too big, then also to reduced tractor throttle, If tiller had murmurs or tapping metal to be immediately stopped to check repairs, determination of normal and then continue to work. If you need to transfer block or reverse the Ridge, you must cut off the power tiller rotavator upgrade fixed the later moved. After using the tiller cannot be left unchecked, to clear the weed from the blade in a timely manner the soil, areas in need of lubrication oil, universal joints to add butter to reduce wear. Don't forget to check the various parts with loose, hold the loose parts in a timely manner. Only regular checks, careful maintenance can extend the life of the machine.

  • Heavy Duty 83hp,84hp,85 Hp 60 Blades Rotary Tiller ,otovator
  • Heavy Duty Agricultural Equipment 72hp, 73hp, 74hp, 75hp,76 Hp Rotary Tiller
  • Heavy Duty 63hp,64hp,65 Hp Rotary Tiller,66 Blades Rotovator Rotary Tiller
  • Medium Type 3-point 42hp ,43hp, 44 Hp , 36 Blades Rotary Tiller
  • Tractor Mounted 33hp,34hp,35 Hp Rotary Tiller for Agriculture,side Drive Rotary Tiller
  • Pto Drive 27hp,28hp,29 Hp ,gear Drive Rotary Tiller ,agricultural Rotovator

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