Understanding maintenance method for Rotary tiller

- Dec 31, 2016 -

Rotary tiller is done with tractors tilling, Harrow cultivator for the job. In terms of maintenance of Rotary tiller, we welcome to Weifang addressing the Rotary cultivator factory staff for sharing.
First, maintenance of the Rotary cultivator is divided into quarterly maintenance and class maintenance. Class maintenance refers to the machine maintenance after each job, mainly: check the plugs, and other easily damaged parts, if damaged, stop using the machine, replace with new parts. Check and tighten the bolt. Check the overall condition of the machine. If there is lack of oil parts to supplement immediately.
Second quarter for maintenance after each job is quarterly maintenance, which includes: cleaning of the machine, to remove dust, dirt or oil on the machine. Complete oil changes. While maintaining the wear condition of the blade, was replaced by a new new. Hood, pallets and other distortion is also needs to be checked, if the drug has restored the prototype or renewed. Machine appearance off the time to touch up paint parts, cutlass on the coating rust preventive oil. When not in use for a long time, machines cannot be hung on the tractor.

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