Teaches you how to properly conserve Rotary tiller

- Dec 31, 2016 -

Farmer friends, Rotary tiller can be regarded as one pillar in the farm. So, for its reasonable conservation is particularly important. To maintenance and care check the machine regularly, not only to guarantee its proper functioning, improve efficiency, and the use of life expectancy also has a role, the following will teach you how to properly carry out conservation work.
First of all, periodically check the firmness of every part of the Rotary cultivator parts, lock parts, check bearing wear of each part in detail, for a short service life of parts, must be promptly replaced. Check fasteners and PIN and other parts of parts, corrosion, wear or damaged parts must be replaced.
Then, you should always check the oil level in the gearbox, especially 10 bytes and the knife shaft bearings parts filled with butter. Check whether the cutter shaft oil seal fails, remove clean and replace oil seal.
Last point is at the tiller of the parking period should also pay attention to, universal joints should be pulled down on the indoor, avoid sun exposure, Rotary tiller padded swords certain height off the ground. Its blade should regularly carry out anti-rust treatment, oil rust on parts can be used for external use, non-working parts fall off the paint should be filled to prevent corrosion.

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