Rotary tiller used preventive measures

- Dec 31, 2016 -

Human vaccine to prevent disease, parts of machines in use how to prevent damage to it? Our farm helper tiller, less vulnerable parts of the machine operation is a universal joint, causing damage due to improper use, installation errors, wrong choice of universal joint shafts and bushings, lack of maintenance and without upgrading scientific force head turn. These situations require us to avoid, specific preventive measures are as follows.
1. adjusting measures to local conditions. If more stones in the field, suggested the use of other agricultural machines and tools for farming.
2. the correct operation. First off and bonding power, then slowly falling tools, Rotary tiller blades along slowly in soil, turning you must first upgrade the farm tools, or easily damaged transmission parts.
3. model matching. Selection of cardan shaft and sleeve lengths should be the tools of model matching, if shafts and sleeves too long in use will break transmission parts, short farm implements in the Rose will emerge.
4. the correct installation. When installing the universal joints, clamping fork openings should be in the same plane, even by force to ensure the cutter shaft rotation, or easily damaged transmission parts, note that in working universal joint shaft and gearbox surface angle should not exceed 10, upgraded tools angle must not exceed 30, or will affect the operational efficiency, easily damaged universal joint.
5. the scientific maintenance. According to the requirements of lubrication and maintenance, lubrication points do not omit oil grease, to prevent damage due to dry friction.

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