Rotary tiller operating advantages

- Dec 31, 2016 -

See the Rotary cultivator work, seemed to have returned to a busy season in the country, folks are busy ploughing, seeding, preparing for the autumn harvest. Kick because all around to the fullest circulated at the pleasant atmosphere, it is the unique flavor of the simple country. So, what is a rotary machine?
Rotary tiller is used with tractors of an agricultural machine, its role is cultivated land, disking. The soil capacity of the machine is very strong, farming after the surface is perfectly flat, and it can cut stubble buried below the surface, planter jobs, is a good helper for farmers. With their advantages, because of its advanced design, a narrow chisel blade front end of the machine, soil easier and more energy consumption. Scimitar curved blade slide cut, cut off the roots and not wrapped around grass, especially suitable for rice farming.

  • Heavy 106hp ,107hp, 108hp, 109hp,110 Hp Rotary Tiller ,rotary Hole
  • Heavy Duty 86hp ,87hp ,88hp, 89hp,90 Hp Rotary Tiller Machine
  • 69hp,70hp,71 Hp Agricultural Soil Tillage Pto Driven Rotary Tiller Cultivator
  • Heavy Duty 66hp,67hp,68 Hp ,44 Blades Rotary Tiller,rotary Hole
  • Tractor Mounted 33hp,34hp,35 Hp Rotary Tiller for Agriculture,side Drive Rotary Tiller
  • Mini Tiller 20hp 19hp,18hp,16hp ,16 Blades One Speed Diesel Engine Rotary Tiller

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