Rotary tiller inspections and precautions for use

- Dec 31, 2016 -

Rotary cultivator the advent of Agriculture represents a major step forward, which greatly saves manpower, when using this tool, and we should do a comprehensive check, so the machine can better serve people. Then we will look at what are some big checks, and considerations when using.
1. takes note of steps. When the unit starts, should engage the power output shaft power, and then hang up the block, slowly start engage clutch and hydraulic lift handle or lifting devices, Rotary tiller blades gradually buried, then step on the gas, until the normal depth. Must not be combined when tiller fell to the ground suddenly or rapidly buried, this will cause blade, axial shock load, resulting in damage to machines and transmission parts.
2. listening intently. Operation if the tapping noise and metal working parts appear, should immediately stop checking, troubleshooting, and then continue operation. Rotary tilling the soil depth, clay or hard, when there is a tractor black smoke and slipping, may be the depth or no-till site is too large, should be reduced or hung into low gear. In turn must decrease collective, let the tail wheel and steering clutch together, no teasers, or easily damaged parts. Wheeled tractors in turning, reversing, the note rose Rotary tiller to prevent twisting the blade or twist cutter. When a machine is in the Groove Ridge, the operating handle in the isolated location of the machine to prevent the tractor rear blades hurt suddenly tilted the case.
3. free cutter shaft and blade wrapped around grass, so as not to damage the spindle, effects of tillage depth, note wrapped around grass is cleared to put out the engine. Universal joints at both ends should be close to the level of work, the angle should be less than 10 degrees, and universal joint when lifting angle should be less than the 30 degrees, while reducing speed. Homework is strictly prohibited on the tiller and the rear of the machine to stand on.

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