Rotary tiller damaged prevention trick

- Dec 31, 2016 -

When we use the tiller for your homework, sometimes universal joint damage. This is due to improper use, improper installation or improper maintenance. To prevent this, you can use the following trick.
Remember, machine is in excellent, nor with General methods of cultivated land, but a "site-specific", for stones more fields, the best choice for other machines and tools for farming. When using the tiller, make sure to start, splice power, then slowly falling tools, Rotary tiller blades along slowly in soil, keep in mind the rash starts. Chosen by the cardan shaft and bushing need to match length and implements model, if the scale is too long, then in use will top the bad drive, and too short cause tools rises out. When you install a universal joint, note bracketing openings should be in the same plane, even by force to ensure the cutter shaft rotation, otherwise transmission might be damaged. In addition to operational considerations, and also to lubrication and maintenance as required, remember do not omit oil and grease lubrication points, prevention of early damage occurred due to dry friction. Hydraulic controls should be locked for tools lifting height, Rotary blades from the ground shall not exceed 20cm. And in turn you must first upgrade the farm tools, or easily damaged transmission parts at work, universal joint shaft and gearbox surface angle should not exceed 10 or transport inefficiency, but also easy to damage, farm tools increased the angle must not exceed 30, otherwise can damage the joints.

  • Heavy Duty 101hp, 102hp, 103hp, 104hp,105 Hp Rotary Tiller,rotovator
  • Heavy Duty 96hp, 97hp, 98hp, 99hp,100 Hp Rotary Tiller ,tractor Rotovator
  • Heavy Duty 63hp,64hp,65 Hp Rotary Tiller,66 Blades Rotovator Rotary Tiller
  • Medium Duty 54hp,55hp,56 Hp ,54 Blades Rotary Tiller, Rotovator
  • Medium Deep 45hp,46hp,47 Hp ,3 Point Side Drive Rotary Hole
  • Single Speed Gear Box 24hp, 25hp,26 Hp , Rotary Tiller ,rotary Tiller Cultivator

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