Buy rotary machine

- Dec 31, 2016 -

Small to buy needles lines, to purchase machines, ensure the quality of products is the most important. So, when we buy tiller how to guarantee its quality? Here are some things you must do.
Choice models do not follow, Chinese are "copycat" habit, there are times when it is good, he picked me election not for themselves, but "site-specific" choose, according to their own already have tractors and local natural conditions have been determined. Also when choosing a tiller users be sure to check that the product is inspected, although prices are per-user, but some "cheap" product is really unusable, its far more trouble than your "low" input, refused to "three noes" products and products with test is advisable, beware of fraud. In addition, after you do the most basic checks should also look closely at the appearance of the quality of the product, such as painting there is no loss, Burr is clean, refined look is also the embodiment of product quality, conditions permitting, it is best to empty machine running for a few minutes, listen to sound is normal, there is no overheating of bearings parts, is flexible to operate.

  • Heavy Duty 86hp ,87hp ,88hp, 89hp,90 Hp Rotary Tiller Machine
  • Heavy Duty 81hp ,82hp ,83hp, 84hp, 85 Hp Rotary Tiller ,rototiller
  • Heavy Duty 77hp,78hp,79hp,80 Hp ,60 Blades Rotary Tiller
  • Heavy Duty Agricultural Equipment 72hp, 73hp, 74hp, 75hp,76 Hp Rotary Tiller
  • 51hp,52hp,53 Horsepower ,48 Blades Rotary Tiller,tractor Machted
  • Medium Power Farm 39hp, 40hp, 41 Hp ,tractor-mounted Tillers

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