• 15 Years' Manufacturing And Sale Experience;
    Production Capacity Of 10 Thousand Units One Year;
    European And America Markets With CE Certificates;
    OEM Accepted;

  • Highly Efficient Kinetic Energy Conversion;

    Convenient And Fast Human-Machine Interaction.



    Domestic Professional Senior Agricultural Experts Work With European Design Team On Rotary Tiller Research And Development ...

  • Delicacy Production, Stable And Reliable;

    Advanced Design, International Concept;

    Easy Maintain And Completed Performance Warranty.


Established in 2003 in China, Longree company is specialized in producing rotary tillers. Under technology and experienced management, we manufacture rotary tiller, stone burier, transport boxes and front end loader. Each process of the production is strictly controlled. Together with the design Of European engineers, therefore, "Longree" rotary tillers have very stable quality and extremely long life in use. Our rotary tillers till soil for seedbed or planting preparation and have uses in applications such as residential landscaping and gardening. All models rotary tillers with European standard CE certification.


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